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Paintball has become one of America's hottest weekend pastimes. We are here to help you experience this great sport. Why do we call it a sport? It takes teamwork, physical agility, and most importantly, mental agility.  You have to adapt to ever-changing situations, to differing courses, different players and varying  weather conditions. 

Players Club Paintball can provide you with hours of enjoyment. We currently have two courses to challenge your abilities. We are also able to provide you with quality rental equipment and CO2 or nitrogen refills. You can get everything you need from just one place.   PLAYERS CLUB PAINTBALL !!!! 

We offer Rental markers, paint, and all associated safety equipment. We also reserve the courses for birthday parties, bachelor parties, church groups or just a couple of teams getting together for bragging rights.Whether you have been playing for years or you are just a beginner, PCP is the place to go.If you have any questions, try us first. We have a technical department full of knowledge. If you have never played, come by and try it out. We can provide you with tips and tricks to make a true paintball warrior out of you.   Safety is the number one priority!!
Proshop Open 7 days a week Fields are open Saturdays and Sundays. Weekdays reservation only. (call for details) 865-687-1909 

_______________________________________________________________________________       The proshop and Fields are  located at 125 Dante Rd. in north Knoxville just off  I-75N exit 110 Callahan Dr. Turn right stay straight thru the red light and we will be on the left behind Weigels .Players Club Paintball field which has been founded by players for players , saftey , fair play and great service are our main goals. We currently have one 5 man airball field , and  a Tactical field . Both fields are regulation size . We offer both nitrogen and CO2 fills. Airsmith and PTI certified refs on duty. Birthday parties and Church groups welcome , call for reservations, rentals are also available and walk ons are welcome , Call for information (865) 687-1909 


Store Hours                

 Mon closed Saturday  10-7  Rec and open play

 Tues 2:30 - 7

 Sunday     1-6   Rec and Team play
 Wed closed Open most Holidays
 Thur 2:30 -7 Walk ons Welcome
 Fri.  2:30 -7 Call to Book your party !!



Weekly specials , so stop by and check us out ! 

The field is open every Saturday 11 am till dark and  Sunday 1 till 6 . No new players after 4 pm.  








































 I would like to send a big thumbs up to the young guns team for the first place finish at The Alternative Sport tourney , J1 where they won NXE backpacks and trohphies Great job guys !!  

The five man beginner team for taking first place at Middle Tennessee Paintball in the CFOA Tennessee division on 4/08/06 . Where they won Medalions , a $200.00 gift certificate from Dye and a $ 200.00 gift certificate from CCM and five Gen-X pod packs.

1st place again , WOW !! Great job guys at the Smoky Mountain Paintball 3 man , It's starting to look like a good year ..

Great effort in Chatt-town but you can't win them all 13th. 

Thats better , the day started out rough way to pull it out guys ! Congrats on the second place finish at the CFOA Tennessee division Volunteer open held at Riptide paintball.

Good luck in Birmingham.

Good luck Zero ! Have fun in Kingsport .

 Well Kingsport was cancelled but , Good job at the Smoky Mountain Paintball 3-man open another first place win worth $350.00

Special thanks to Lawson Masonry for the sponsorship for the day.                                                                                



A little history about our sport

 The evolution of paintball into the modern sport that it is today took place fairly quickly in comparison to most other sports. The history of the paintball gun begins in the early 1970s, when it was used as a tool for marking trees and livestock. In 1981, twelve friends played the first recreational paintball game using these industrial paintball guns on a field measuring over 100 acres.

One of the first names given to the sport that we now call paintball was “The National Survival Game.” This name reflects the nature of paintball as it was first played – a small group of friends getting together in the woods to play total elimination games. Sometimes the friends broke into teams to play each other, but most games were “every man for himself.”

Over the years, recreational paintball has become more sophisticated.

Because more people were playing, using teams became the standards. Different playing varations began to form, the most popular being “capture the flag”, but offensive/defensive scenarios also were popular. Also, as the number of people interested in paintball grew, so did the development of the commercial paintball industry.

The first outdoor commercial paintball field started in 1982. The first indoor paintball field followed in 1984.The fields allowed large groups of people to meet in one place to play, and the business owners were pushed to develop new and exciting ways to keep these paintballers entertained. This drove the development of new scenarios and styles of playing.

The biggest style of play change to come about because of commercial fields was the “bunker-style” game. Smaller fields let players start the action quicker, instead of having to stalk through the woods for 15 minutes before seeing anyone. Also, players purchased more paintballs when they were in a constant firefight, which made the commercial fields more money.

Today, commercial paintball fields are everywhere, but there are still a large number of people that prefer playing paintball out in the woods. While outlaw paintball is generally much cheaper, it is also more problematic than paying to play at a commercial field.

The first professional tournament was held in 1983. Even then, the prizes where worth $14,000. Today, major tournaments have hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of prizes. One of the major forces in tournament games, the NPPL, was founded in 1992-93. 


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